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Play Lonely King
4 Stars
Lonely King
Help the Lonely King retrieve the horn that can undo the curse.
Play Zombie Crypt 3
4 Stars
Zombie Crypt 3
Two guys stuck in a creepy place. Help them navigate through the obstacles and reach the...
Play  Once in the Cave
4 Stars
Once in the Cave
Help the wizard trapped in the cave in finding a way towards the exit and survive the orc...
Play Rise
0 Stars
Find all the answers to those questions haunting your head on the top of the tower. But,...
Play Last Legacy
4 Stars
Last Legacy
Control a magical local hero and help him vanquish shadow creatures taking control of the...
Play Deeper Sleep
0 Stars
Deeper Sleep
Explore the realm of sleep some more and try to find the secrets it keep.
Play Pixvader
4 Stars
A tough, retro style, space shooter for the elite gamer, is what Pixvader is all about....
Play Lusfod
4 Stars
Collect coins and dodge enemies.
Play Bring Me the Star
4 Stars
Bring Me the Star
Bring back the main piece of the recently fallen star to your lover.
Play Enough Plumbers 2
4 Stars
Enough Plumbers 2
A world full of plumbers trying to reach the flag by means of self replication in the...
Play Bit Battles
0 Stars
Bit Battles
Battle invaders till all three of their bases collapse an their boss vanquished.
Play Final Charge
0 Stars
Final Charge
Activate all beacons to complete the mission
Play Shine
0 Stars
Use the guiding light to aid the lady in her journey.
Play Xonix 3D 2
0 Stars
Xonix 3D 2
Reclaim lots while steering clear of bouncing balls and other obstacles that gets in the...
Play Loot Hero
0 Stars
Loot Hero
Collect loots from fallen enemies and build up your hero to be strong enough to vanquish...
Play Dojo of Death
0 Stars
Dojo of Death
Slay black ninjas as much as you can before the inevitable happens.
Play Pixel Escape
0 Stars
Pixel Escape
Make sure you turn on your speakers for this game has trippy sound track and the game...
Play Pandesal Boy
0 Stars
Pandesal Boy
Help the jinxed Pandesal Boy retrieve the bread to be delivered to houses that were...
Play Heat Rush
0 Stars
Heat Rush
Play Heat rush and steer your car into this awesome tracks. Speed up and boost to reach...
Play Replay Racer
0 Stars
Replay Racer
Finish all the laps in style with Replay Racer, Beat the time and complete with the...
Play Crystal Story II
0 Stars
Crystal Story II
Save the world with Crystal Story II. Help the young dragon boy gain allies and defeat...
Play Ditto
0 Stars
An aracade puzzler platformer where 2 world combine to keep you from falling off...
Play Lord of the Underworld
0 Stars
Lord of the Underworld
Become Cerebus, the three-headed dog and consume the souls of the underworld. Beef up to...
Play Decision Medieval
0 Stars
Decision Medieval
An epic hack and slash game where you lead your kingdom to victory against orcs,...
Play The Valley Rule
0 Stars
The Valley Rule
Find a way back to the surface by looking for treasures that will open the giant door...
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