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Play King Story
0 Stars
King Story
Darkness is eating up your world and your must quickly find all artifacts that can give...
Play Infestor
0 Stars
Infestor is a bio weapon designed to exploit the strength of its host. Use it to gain...
Play The Painter
0 Stars
The Painter
Trapped in the dark, the painter must find a way out using only his paint gun. Will he be...
Play Saving the Company
0 Stars
Saving the Company
Determined to save the company you love. You venture into the mystic castle full of traps...
Play Glissaria
0 Stars
Defend the castle by building defend towers to counter incoming enemy forces. To build...
Play Tamus and Mitta
2 Stars
Tamus and Mitta
Journey to deep and dark mines and dangerous caves to bring back the sun.
Play Once in Space
0 Stars
Once in Space
Collect all stars in each level then reach the goal flag. A simple story of a simple...
Play KOLM 2
0 Stars
After escaping the clutches of mother. KOLM must venture to the world above in search for...
Play Diamond Hallow 2
0 Stars
Diamond Hallow 2
Continue your journey to the top of the diamond mine you fell to enjoy your loots. Be...
Play Azriel Quest for the SkyHarbor
0 Stars
Azriel Quest for the SkyHarbor
Join Azriel in hi Quest for the SkyHarbor. Crumble enemy forces that gets in your way to...
Play Fear Is Vigilance
0 Stars
Fear Is Vigilance
You are a charity worker who sells safety alarms but you have a hard time in doing it so...
Play Thelemite
0 Stars
After mutating into something superhuman, you took it upon yourself, along with the help...
Play Continuity
0 Stars
A unique arcade game where you can manipulate the landscape in order for you to get the...
Play Missilebreak Outbrakers
0 Stars
Missilebreak Outbrakers
Ready to play a pumped up game of Arkanoid? Missilebreak Outbrakers is just for you. It...
Play Grinning Cobossus
4 Stars
Grinning Cobossus
A short game that lets you play the boss level of a shooting game immediately. Yeah, it...
Play Discount Mayonaise
4 Stars
Discount Mayonaise
Go deeper and deeper to find the lair of the giant worm and put and end to its...
Play Canyon Shooter 2
4 Stars
Canyon Shooter 2
Shoot your way through the canyon as hordes of enemy militia try to kill you before you...
Play Xenos
0 Stars
An evil scientist used the most powerful energy source on earth to enslave humanity by...
Play Katwalk
5 Stars
A little cat woke up to find himself in a strange new land. He must try to find a way...
Play Balls 2D
5 Stars
Balls 2D
Balls 2D borrows the gaming concept from arkanoid but it becomes more realistic as the...
Play Bullet Bill 3
2 Stars
Bullet Bill 3
Bullet Bill takes center stage the third time around in this Mario spin-off where speed,...
Play Monsters in Bunnyland
0 Stars
Monsters in Bunnyland
Two monsters must find a way out of Bunnyland to escape the horde of bunnies who wants a...
Play Star Claws
4 Stars
Star Claws
Aliens are invading earth and no man-made weapon can destroy them. The only thing to stop...
Play Earn to Die
5 Stars
Earn to Die
Brave the zombie infested desert to reach the chopper, your only mode of escape. Buy ...
Play Nuclear Zombie 2000
0 Stars
Nuclear Zombie 2000
Set inside an abandoned nuclear plant in the height of the Y2K crisis of the year 2000,...
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