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Play Zombie Home Run
3 Stars
Zombie Home Run
Use the bat to set zombies in motion. Let them collide against each other to gain points...
Play Cuboy Quest
0 Stars
Cuboy Quest
Go on a quest with Cuboy as he tries to move through different landscapes while shooting...
Play Go Go Sunshine
0 Stars
Go Go Sunshine
Help the sun take away all the rain causing clouds and make the people happy.
Play Charlie Sheen Winning
0 Stars
Charlie Sheen Winning
A parody of Charlie Sheen and his current situation. Keep him winning by destroying all...
Play Sky Island
4 Stars
Sky Island
Pick up all the required number of stars to proceed to the next level.

Sky Island is a...

Play Ballz
0 Stars
Journey to lands unknown in search for stars.
Play BinB
0 Stars
Play the modern incarnation of bomber man and enjoy looking for treasures while blasting...
Play Red Dragon Rampage
0 Stars
Red Dragon Rampage
Protect the boss dragon from humans out to get him for the treasures he protects.
Play Pokemon Tower Defense
4 Stars
Pokemon Tower Defense
We never get tired of Pokemon, do we?
Play DN8
4 Stars
Clear each stage of this awesome space shooter aptly called DN8 cause each baddies look...
Play And Everything Started to Fall
0 Stars
And Everything Started to Fall
A simple story from womb to tomb.
Play PIG
0 Stars
P.I.G. or portal inducing gun, is what you need to get through this game. It is very...
Play Attack of Heavenly Bats
0 Stars
Attack of Heavenly Bats
Let us all welcom PeddlerMan, the superhero who can use all of his weapons at the same...
Play MayaBoom
0 Stars
In this game set in the hight of the Mayan civilization, you are tasked to keep the peace...
Play The Pocalypse Defense
0 Stars
The Pocalypse Defense
Zombies are coming and only our 3 little friends can stop it. The Pocalypse Defense only...
Play Zombie Crypt
5 Stars
Zombie Crypt
A puzzling platformer that doubles the level of challenge as you control two separate...
Play Hacker Vs Hacker
5 Stars
Hacker Vs Hacker
Battle against another hacker using the media and tools that hackers know the most.
Play Hazmat
5 Stars
Brave the toxic landscape with just a Hazmat suit on and the will to finally reach the...
Play Super Puzzle Platformer
5 Stars
Super Puzzle Platformer
Test how you fair in this puzzle platformer where you have to avoid stepping on spikes...
Play Wizard Hult
5 Stars
Wizard Hult
Guide the wizard through the treacherous castle in his quest for treasure and stars. Use...
Play Cuboy Quest 2
5 Stars
Cuboy Quest 2
Join Cuboy one more time in his quest to move from level to level to show off how good...
Play Nanobeast
5 Stars
A wacky top down shooting game, Nanobeast will keep you entertained not just with all the...
Play Monster Mowdown 2
5 Stars
Monster Mowdown 2
Keep your getaway car safe from attacking zombies by killing each one of them till you...
Play MercX
3 Stars
MecX, short foor Mercinary X is tasked to bring back Laura, the daughter of a world...
Play Galactic Miner
0 Stars
Galactic Miner
Collect rare metals from the galaxy and use your loots to buy ship upgrades.
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