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Play Kill Kar 2
3 Stars
Kill Kar 2
A driving game with lots of blood and guts! Drive your armed car into groups of people...
5 Stars
RIFT stands for Robotic Intelligent Food Transporter. Your job is to feed the big green...
Play Scratch The Bounty Hunter
5 Stars
Scratch The Bounty Hunter
A well constructed platform action game. You are a bounty hunter in space with some cool...
Play Fortune Hunter Wrath of Anubis
0 Stars
Fortune Hunter Wrath of Anubis was created for retro games like this! An Indiana Jones style...
Play Eenie Bounce
5 Stars
Eenie Bounce
A fun king of arcade game, the aim is to bounce the ball on the numbered platforms and...
Play Isoball
0 Stars
In Isoball your aim is to get the red ball into the hole. You have all the ramps and...
Play Tuper Tario Tros
5 Stars
Tuper Tario Tros
Tario is Mario mixed with Tetris - 2 classic arcade games combine! It begins like a...
Play Big Pixel Racing
5 Stars
Big Pixel Racing
A fun driving game that reminded us of Mario Kart. Enter a series of short but fun races...
Play Monster Truck Destroyer
5 Stars
Monster Truck Destroyer
A pointless monster truck racing game with added explosions! If only your daily drive to...
Play Scamper Ghost
0 Stars
Scamper Ghost
A zippy arcade game modelled very roughly on Pacman. Use the mouse to skilfully collect...
Play Raze
4 Stars
Raze is a fighting game with an exciting range of weapons to play with. Enter into an...
Play Starmageddon
5 Stars
Once again a single spaceship has been sent to save the universe! Starmageddon is an...
Play Final Ninja
0 Stars
Final Ninja
A very cool ninja game with dazzling graphics and great platform game play. Play as the...
Play Droplet
0 Stars
Pick as much hearts as you can and keep your droplet alive as it falls to the ground by...
Play Condition
0 Stars
A retro style jump-run-and-shoot game where your goal is to save your ship by clearing it...
Play Robin the Archer
0 Stars
Robin the Archer
Clear each level from all evil spawns while collecting as much coin as you can on the...
Play Mario Forever
5 Stars
Mario Forever
This is the classic Super Mario game we all loved with a new look and feel!


Play Highway Pursuit
5 Stars
Highway Pursuit
Protect the armored van at all cost! Destroy all police force trying to blow up the...
Play Ghost Guidance
5 Stars
Ghost Guidance
Humankind has now considered you a threat to their existence after your advance...
Play Flaming Zambooka
4 Stars
Flaming Zambooka
Kill zombies with your flaming zambooka to advance to the next level. It is not not as...
Play Class 3 Outbreak
4 Stars
Class 3 Outbreak
Supervise a small team of surviving police force as you try to contain the class 3 zombie...
Play Zombie Hooker Nightmare
4 Stars
Zombie Hooker Nightmare
Help Lola the hooker survive a zombie infested night while trying to lure patrons to her...
Play Trickochet
0 Stars
A cute target practice games set in the skies. Easy at first but gets harder as you go...
Play Robo Blast
5 Stars
Robo Blast
Obliterate robotic attackers and upgrade your gears and gadgets to pack more powerful...
Play TU-95
4 Stars
Take control of an airplane from the lift-off till it lands. That may sound easy but it...
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