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Shooting Games

Play Lord of the Underworld
0 Stars
Lord of the Underworld
Become Cerebus, the three-headed dog and consume the souls of the underworld. Beef up to...
Play Bloons Tower Defense 5
5 Stars
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Prepare for another battle against balloons. Save up enough coins to train monkey...
Play ZomboKill
0 Stars
Survive zombie attacks with a gun and packs of ammo.
Play Fat Cat
4 Stars
Fat Cat
Use the owl to help the Fat Cat reach the finish line amidst all threats from baddies.
Play Boss Slayer
4 Stars
Boss Slayer
Slay all bosses in less than 13 days to save your world.

Collect cash from slain...

Play Battle of New Shanghai
4 Stars
Battle of New Shanghai
The New Shanghai system got disrupted as Sini, the artificial intelligence behind it got...
Play Canyon Shooter 2
4 Stars
Canyon Shooter 2
Shoot your way through the canyon as hordes of enemy militia try to kill you before you...
Play Discount Mayonaise
4 Stars
Discount Mayonaise
Go deeper and deeper to find the lair of the giant worm and put and end to its...
Play Grinning Cobossus
4 Stars
Grinning Cobossus
A short game that lets you play the boss level of a shooting game immediately. Yeah, it...
Play Bitejacker
4 Stars
Defeat hordes of zombies and their bosses to unravel awesome comic strips from bitejacker.
Play Undead End Hardcore
5 Stars
Undead End Hardcore
Immerse in this homage to the best of 90s arcade games and take a chance at surviving...
Play Space Saga
0 Stars
Space Saga
Space ships from a foreign universe are invading the countryside and it is in your power...
Play Days of the Dead
5 Stars
Days of the Dead
Defend your village from demon hordes for 13 Days of the Dead with your impeccable...
Play Red Storm 2 Survival
4 Stars
Red Storm 2 Survival
The second installment of Red Storm takes you to the USSR in a battle for survival and...
Play Kid Launcher
5 Stars
Kid Launcher
Guide the kid to break free from the wrath of a bear with getting him on the catapult and...
Play Robo Blast
5 Stars
Robo Blast
Obliterate robotic attackers and upgrade your gears and gadgets to pack more powerful...
Play Ghost Guidance
5 Stars
Ghost Guidance
Humankind has now considered you a threat to their existence after your advance...
Play Robin the Archer
0 Stars
Robin the Archer
Clear each level from all evil spawns while collecting as much coin as you can on the...
Play Condition
0 Stars
A retro style jump-run-and-shoot game where your goal is to save your ship by clearing it...
Play Quake Flash Official
4 Stars
Quake Flash Official
Remember Quake? Quake was a first-person-shooter game from 1996, it was one of the first...
Play Bounty Killers
4 Stars
Bounty Killers
We think this is a great game, Bounty Killers is all about the Wild West. Survive the...
Play Robot Territories
4 Stars
Robot Territories
You are a huge robotic weapon in the future, defend yourself from 20 levels of attack. In...
Play Void Gunner
3 Stars
Void Gunner
A super fast shooting game set in space. See if you can make it to the end, Void Gunner...
4 Stars
A game simply entitled FIGHTING has got to be taken seriously. 20 levels of dangerous...
Play Battle Tank
4 Stars
Battle Tank
A fun shooting game with great sound effects. Your heavy duty Battle Tank can take a lot...
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