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Zombie Games

Play Infectonator 2
0 Stars
Infectonator 2
Dominate the entire world by turning people into zombies with your potent virus.
Play Monster Mowdown 2
5 Stars
Monster Mowdown 2
Keep your getaway car safe from attacking zombies by killing each one of them till you...
Play The Pocalypse Defense
0 Stars
The Pocalypse Defense
Zombies are coming and only our 3 little friends can stop it. The Pocalypse Defense only...
Play Zombie Home Run
3 Stars
Zombie Home Run
Use the bat to set zombies in motion. Let them collide against each other to gain points...
Play All We Need Is Brain
4 Stars
All We Need Is Brain
All the zombies need is brain and all you need to lure them out of their graves and into...
Play Zombie Ramming
4 Stars
Zombie Ramming
Ram your car into hordes of zombies to clear each level from these pesky creatures. At...
Play Zombie Hooker Nightmare
4 Stars
Zombie Hooker Nightmare
Help Lola the hooker survive a zombie infested night while trying to lure patrons to her...
Play Class 3 Outbreak
4 Stars
Class 3 Outbreak
Supervise a small team of surviving police force as you try to contain the class 3 zombie...
Play Flaming Zambooka
4 Stars
Flaming Zambooka
Kill zombies with your flaming zambooka to advance to the next level. It is not not as...
Play Zombie Exploder
3 Stars
Zombie Exploder
Zombies have one weakness - soft squishy flesh. Use kicks and punches to pound waves of...
Play BloodRed
4 Stars
Freaky zombies are rising up from the ground. Shoot them down as fast as you gone before...
Play Daytraders Of The Dead
5 Stars
Daytraders Of The Dead
Greed stock market daytraders have turned into blood thirsty ZOMBIES - guess who is gonna...
Play SAS Zombie Assault
4 Stars
SAS Zombie Assault
Protect the arena from the invasion of zombies. Zombies attack the weak points in your...
Play Bulwark 53
4 Stars
Bulwark 53
You are abducted & trapped in abandoned hospital full of zombies. Zombies attacked &...
Play Zombie Infestation
5 Stars
Zombie Infestation
A zombie game set in a zombie world. You are left alone in an abandoned & dark building...
Play Endless Zombie Rampage 2
5 Stars
Endless Zombie Rampage 2
A great zombie shooter with a top down view and lots of character and weapon upgrades....
5 Stars
A great zombie adventure game! Zombieman is a unique survival game where you play as both...
Play Zombie Mayhem
2 Stars
Zombie Mayhem
Deadly killer zombies are coming at you fast in this game! Use your bow and arrow to...
Play Destroy All Zombies III
4 Stars
Destroy All Zombies III
This is a quirky looking but great to play zombie game. As the name suggests, destroy all...
Play Devil Run
4 Stars
Devil Run
A fresh game for our zombie games page! This one is a like a run through hell as the...
Play Multiplayer Zombies
4 Stars
Multiplayer Zombies
Log in and destroy some crazy zombies in this true multiplayer zombie game. Register to...
Play Sanzang Run
4 Stars
Sanzang Run
Take Sanzang on a journey through a world full of zombies and monsters that pop up from...
Play Zombie Hole
3 Stars
Zombie Hole
Zombie Hole is a top down shooter with lots of blood and guts like any good zombie game....
Play Zombie Grinder
0 Stars
Zombie Grinder
Heavy metal music and zombies, two of your favorite things maybe? Zombie Grinder is a...
Play Grave Blaster
3 Stars
Grave Blaster
Help 3 soldiers defend themselves against zombies, djinns and other scary monsters. The...
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